Port of Savona

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Savona, Liguria, Italy)

Savona port offers several ferry routes, all of which are operated by Corsica Ferries Company. These include weekly services to Bastia, Ile Rousse and Calvi.

Savona to Calvi

Corsica Ferries operates services to Calvi in Corsica, with both conventional ferries and hi-speed sailings available.

The duration of the voyage onboard a conventional ferry is about 6 to 8 hours while on board a hi-speed vessel the trip lasts 3 hours. There's one crossing per week.

Savona to Ile Rousse

Sailings to Ile Rousse are mainly on board hi-speed ferries. The sailing duration is approximately 3 hours. Corsica Ferries offers one sailing per week.

Savona to Bastia

Corsica Ferries runs a service to Bastia. The company offers one weekly sailing between Savona and Bastia with a crossing time of 3 hours, 25 minutes.

Savona Port

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