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About Savona, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Savona, Liguria, Italy)

Savona is an industrial port situated on the Gulf of Genoa. The port serves as a major cruise embarkation point and boasts a modern terminal including parking facilities.

The astonishing Renaissance cathedral dates from the 17th century and the town provides access to Genoa or the picturesque villages along the coast of the Finale Ligure.

What to do in Savona

When moving away from the port you will find the greater part of the medieval centre still remaining. The principal attraction is the impressive fortress of Priamàr. This large stronghold overlooks the ocean and was constructed in the 16th century by workers coming from Genoa. The main reason for building it was that the Genoese wanted to show their superiority over the defeated Savonese. In the present day the fortress hosts an art gallery, four major museums and even a hostel.

There are numerous scenic routes to quaint coastal towns on the Ligurian Riviera. Due to an excellent network of roads, Genoa is an ideal base from where to explore the beautiful surrounding regions.

Tourist Attractions

A remarkable symbol of Savona is La Torretta. This impressing strategically positioned tower was built in the 14th century. You can find it at the entrance of the port.

The star feature of Piazza Mameli is the Rintocchi e Memorie monument. It was built to remember all the soldiers who died during the First World War. Each day at 6pm the bell chimes 21 times and everybody is expected to stand still for a moment and remember all those who lost their lives in the war. This is still a unique tradition in Savona and the whole of Italy.

Between 1589 and 1605 the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption was built. It was constructed to replace to the old church of St Francis dating from 1259.

The Piazza del Brandale can be found in the middle of the old town. The palace from which the Aldermen governed the town is situated in the square. Inside there are paintings, sculptures, and frescoes.

Savona Port

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